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Redesign the Gmail Gadget to match new Gmail theme

Started by (closed account) Gmail gadget1 comment

Option to move gadget to the right of Gmail

Started by fleebailey33 Gmail gadget1 comment

Ability to delete tasks

Started by apgordon Gmail gadget7 comments

Support creating tasks from emails in the gadget

Started by (closed account) Gmail gadget9 commentsAnswered

Add search box

Started by (closed account) Gmail gadget0 comments

Ability to select multiple lists to display using a combo-box

Started by nathan.jamin Gmail gadget4 comments

Ability to quickly switch lists

Started by remcomike Gmail gadget2 comments

Customize how many days of tasks are shown (instead of 7 days)

Started by (closed account) Gmail gadget7 comments

Customize the height of the gadget

Started by ryanyo88 Gmail gadget3 comments