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Ability to select multiple lists to display using a combo-box

nathan.jamin says:
Current situation: In the "Settings" under the "Options" link, selecting a list offers a drop-down where I can only select 1 list at a time.

Suggested behavior: A combo-box or list-box that allows me to select multiple lists at a time. This way I can only display the task that are non-work related.
Posted at 4:31pm on November 24, 2008
cosmicvoyager says:
One way would be to create a smart list containing all your non-work lists.
Posted 12 years ago
bbeetle says:
I like to see multiple lists at once, but I like to see them separated.

So I use netvibes -- and you can add as many RTM gadgets as you want to a single page. Then you can make each RTM gadget display a different list.

That way you can see multiple lists, and even see each list individually, without having to click around, etc.

Dont get me wrong -- I would LOVE to see RTM beef up their sorely lacking Web1.5ish home page layout/functionality. But they seem a bit preoccupied integrating the backend with everything under the sun (which is good too, but a little balance would be nice) --- any way point is -- the netvibes solution works as it is, so you dont have to wait around......

Posted 12 years ago
nathan.jamin says:
@cosmicvoyager That sounds very good to me... and wonder how I didn't think about this myself! Thanks for the heads-up! I'll give it a shot :)

Posted 12 years ago
geojono says:
The use of Smart Lists and Advanced sorting make this an obsolete request, I think. This is easily accomplished now.
Posted 12 weeks ago
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