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Keyboard shortcuts

mcipold says:
Hi there,

I love using the android rememberthemilk application and I look forward to future improvements :) Here is one feature I would really like to see in one future version: keyboard shiortcuts!

As the G1 has a keyboard it is really bad that you cannot use it to quickly edit and change tasks in the rtm app. At least there should be one shortcut feature includud: Quickly changing priority! If you select several tasks and press the 1 or 2, ... number the priority of the selected tasks should change as it does on the homepage! This would be an incredibly great and helpful feature for quick reorganising of tasks on my mobile phone! and easily to implement :)

Lots of greeting from Germany!

Posted at 9:44am on October 23, 2009
dave.liao says:
This would benefit users with physical keyboards - not just BlackBerrys, but Android devices tethered to Bluetooth keyboards, or those weird Android laptops.

Use case:
- Navigate to a list.
- Press "delete" on keyboard.
- A "delete" action is initiated, and you're prompted with a confirmation dialog box (as usual).
- Profit.

Looks like it's possible to do this programmatically?
Posted 9 years ago
dave.liao says:
...p.s. hopefully trackpad/keyboard arrow commands are supported too, one of these days.
Posted 9 years ago
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