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New repeat option: every month on the 1st weekday

dringerb says:
I'd like to have some tasks repeat on the first weekday of each month. Currently it looks like you can only repeat on the first specific day like a Monday. But I want to be able to repeat per some logic like: "Repeat this task on the first day of each month, unless that day is a weekend, and then repeat it on the first Monday."

Seems like there must be a lot of tasks like that. For me it's billing clients: when the 1st rolls around I want to add up hours and send out the bills so I can get paid! But if I put "1st Monday" it could be as late as the 6th before that rolls around.

Posted at 6:54pm on September 14, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
This repeat option (and more!) are available in the new Remember The Milk. Thanks for everyone's feedback on this!
Posted 8 years ago
apgordon says:
Similarly, for work tasks (s: @work) I'd like to be able to postpone a task from Friday to Monday.
Posted 15 years ago
(closed account) says:
I really need this feature :/

Remember me on the first thursday of every month
Posted 12 years ago
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