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Ability to disable the confirmation

ebruchez says:

It is extremely annoying, when doing a "d rtm foobar" in Twitter, to get back:

* One twitter message
* One email
* One SMS on my phone

All the above occur of course because rtm sends back a direct message.

Really, I don't need a confirmation from rtm. First, is there a way to prevent this already? If not, can it please be done?


Posted at 10:06pm on May 22, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:

There's now an option to turn action confirmations on/off on the Twitter setup page (yay!).

Alternatively, you can direct message rtm with:

!confirmon -- enables confirmations

!confirmoff -- disables confirmations

Hope this helps! :)

Posted 11 years ago
sjferro says:
Emily and the team added the option to turn off this annoyance last week. See instructions here:
Posted 11 years ago
avernet says:
Yeaaaa! Great stuff.

Posted 11 years ago
ebruchez says:
Cool :-) -Erik
Posted 11 years ago
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