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Allow main task to repeat - why can't I?

jimmiedave says:
I just bundled all my kid-reminding tasks (which were ballooning my list with just "remind the kids to..." tasks which happen daily, at least 'til we establish a habit (I can dream)) into a main task called Kid Reminders.

I want to go through these tasks daily (most of them - some are longer duration).

So why do I have to manually bump the Kid Reminders task along a day at a time, never forgetting to move it instead of completing it? I'd like it, AND its children (mostly) to repeat daily.

Maybe a better implementation: Make a main task with a repeating cadence, and repeat all its subtasks on the main task's cadence (the subtasks having no independent repeats of their own). Certainly simpler for users to understand, and probably to implement. I could move anything that's not a daily repeat out of this and give them their own tasks.
Posted at 6:12am on November 11, 2023
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