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Keyboard shortcuts on iPad pro

dominic.spachmann says:
The iPad pro offers keyboard shortcuts in many apps (e. g. Mail, Calendar, Evernote), which is very useful esp. when an external keyboard is used.

Also RTM shortcuts from the web app are very useful to quickly edit and manage tasks.

I would highly appreciate RTM shortcuts from the web app also beeing available on iPad pro.
Posted at 5:43pm on August 14, 2017
nikolas.stihl says:
I am using my iPad Pro now more often than my 'normal' computer, thus I would highly appreciate this.
Posted 1 year ago
sarawood says:
Any update on keyboard shortcuts in the iPad app. I moved to an iPad Pro as my primary computer and would love to have keyboard shortcuts.
Posted 6 months ago
ahindle says:
Another vote.
Posted 10 weeks ago
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