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Show a dropdown list when you click on the tags field, then filter the list as you type

miferrei says:
This idea builds on the original thread started by Brad Couper and implemented for the Web client. Now I'd LOVE to see this in the iOS app, where typing efficiency is even more critical!

brad.couper says:
Can you make it so that tags will display in a drop down list when you click into the tags field and then will start to filter as you type?

Similar to when you get the country drop down box in websites, when you type the letter U it jumps to Uganda, then you can scroll down to Unites States.

This would be great because I don't remember all my tags and ended up with several similar ones when I should be tagging to one standard tag (doesn't say much about my memory I know!).
Posted at 12:16am on August 11, 2017
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