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Hide menu bar icon

senky says:
Recent update of mac app introduced menu bar icon along with quick add task (spotlight-like) feature. Being a minimalist, I really don't need a RTM icon just like I don't need a spotlight icon to trigger the search.

Can you, please, add a new option to hide RTM menu bar icon?
Posted at 3:52pm on April 24, 2017
glendamos says:
Yes please add option to remove this.
Posted 4 years ago
lou.moran says:
Yes, please let me get rid of this feature.
Posted 4 years ago
hogety says:
me too
Posted 3 years ago
shaond says:
Yep, would be great to remove the menubar icon to reduce clutter. I generally rely on the hotkey to bring up RTM and don't tend to use the menubar.
Posted 3 years ago
chirpsbird says:
Is it possible to remove?
Posted 2 years ago
andrewoftheforest says:
has any one figured out how to remove this????
Posted 1 year ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
Posted 1 year ago
philstone338 says:
Me too.
Posted 4 months ago
mizzimbra says:
yes from another minimalist. thank you.
Posted 13 weeks ago
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