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Ability to "star" tasks

onerror says:
The easy way to "get" tasks to work, to make them "in progress". Of course, you can use tags or priorities for that, but it's too cumbersome like many other routine things in Rmilk. Rmilk is great because of it's functionality but it lacks simplicity for some routine frequent tasks. One of those is making a plan for today. The easiest way to do so would be to use a star like in Wunderlist. You would have "starred" and "not starred" tasks to quickly see what's in progress right now.
Posted at 8:22am on October 17, 2016
rafael98 says:
Great idea!
Posted 7 years ago
judydee2018 says:
A workaround - could you just type an asterisk in the task title to star it and then.use the search to show all tasks containing asterisk character ?
Posted 6 years ago
fant says:
That was one of the features I liked most in Wunderlist…
Posted 4 years ago
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