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Enhance Smart Add capabilities

whitemilkyballoons says:
A few limitations with Smart Add that I've uncovered are:

- You can not create subtasks while creating a task using Smart Add. A service that I used to use supported this with a syntax like:

Grocery list: Bread, Milk, Eggs

where the colon indicates subtasks to add and the commas delimit each subtask.

- Support confirmed that while you can add a note using Smart Add, that note can only be a single line. There is no way to add new lines with Smart Add. Support for a new line character (\n or or ) would be very welcome, so that entering something like:

Buy new TV // Preferred models:\n\nABC123\nXYZ789

will result in a note formatted like:

Preferred models:

Posted at 7:42pm on July 11, 2016
mcgaritydotme says:
For my use case, I'd need a way to add tasks via email as sub-tasks to an existing sub-task.

Ex: parent task = "Do household chores"
Task I'd email & want to add as sub-task = "Dust cabinets *weekly @Home"

Something I could put into the Smart Add above that denotes it goes under "Do household chores" would be helpful.
Posted 7 years ago
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