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Date and time auto-shifting based on schedule changing

foury says:
Some of my schedules are ussually not so exact of date and time because things are not always steady-going , so I could not expect them always to be finished on the exact date and time that I signed to the tasks. Some got delayed and others were taken out before deadline.
So how do I decide an exact date and time for tasks that must be set by following the consequences of those not-so-steady-going up-leading tasks?
I was thinking about an idea that when we sign date and time we could have an option to type in some keywords like "immediately follows task A", or "10mins after task B or 20mins after task C" or other expressions that define such relationships between two or more tasks.
Is that possible in future version of milk?
I'm one of your user from China, and was always enjoying milk in taking out my daily schedules. Thank you for all what you did for bringing us the milk!
Posted at 10:09am on April 16, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
foury, thanks for your feedback! We really appreciate it. I'm not sure if this is something this will be possible in a future version, but we listen to all suggestions :) Glad you're enjoying RTM!
Posted 17 years ago
johnfoland says:
"Expressions that define ... relationships between two or more tasks" --- That's quite interesting, foury! It sounds like something very difficult to implement, though.
Posted 17 years ago
foury says:
Thank you emily and jkalvin!

I was considering only two keywords"before, after" could do this enough well, and the rest of this job depands on how we use them.

Now I've realised that adding two keywords is gonna introduce a big script changing that may allow thousands of other keywords to be added.

Hehe, thousands of keywords must make this very interesting like AI or something
Posted 17 years ago
This idea is considered similar to "Dependent tasks", and all votes have been transferred to that idea.