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Ability to attach photographs to notes

ryan.gaul says:
I often see something that inspires a task or project and snap a picture of it. I'd like to be able to store it in rtm
Posted at 9:29am on May 20, 2011
elodie.crespel says:
great idea. also with android phone
Posted 8 years ago
catada says:
This would be invaluable though maybe integration with evernote would be better to keep this app simple and quick
Posted 8 years ago
merkurius1 says:
and a link to evernote (...) photo as additional point like url
Posted 7 years ago
daniac says:
+1 android
Posted 7 years ago
brennint says:
great! (need to link with others mentioning pictures)
Posted 6 years ago
fhettenbach says:
This could be done via the Google drive integration for images that are stored in Google Photos. @RTM-Team: how about a comment after 5 years?
Posted 1 year ago
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