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How to use Twitter with RTM

ml_minnie says:

I just signed up to use Twitter with RTM. I understand from another thread that there are problems with this service interacting with RTM.

I'm trying to get an understanding about how to use the service once it is working. I've signed up for a Twitter account and have added RTM as a friend. I received the following email message from Twitter which states - Remember The Milk (rtm) is now following your updates on Twitter.

What would be the next steps to have a RTM task list sent via a text message from Twitter? Do you send a text message to Twitter using the 5-digit code and type the command in the body of the text - d rtm !today? Does Twitter then send you your RTM ToDo List via text message?

The RTM/Twitter help info shows an entry screen to add a task. Is this what you see from the Twitter website or is it what is viewable by going to the mobile version of Twitter? When do you use this entry screen?

Thanks for any information.
Posted at 10:30pm on February 19, 2008
ml_minnie says:
OK I found the entry screen:

and while it said it was sending the message to RTM I haven't seen anything come through. Like others have posted on prior threads my message is not in my history nor did the number of message change.
Posted 16 years ago
cintra says:
Could be it takes a long time through twitter..

I find their entry method a bit confusing, so I use from my phone - its my home page :) entries from their get straight onto Gcal too.
Posted 16 years ago
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
ml_minnie, sorry for the delay.

You need to send a direct message with the verification code first, and then you can direct messages with tasks or commands (so yes, you can just Twitter "d rtm !today" and rtm will send your list back via a Twitter direct message).

Hope this helps!
Posted 16 years ago
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