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Why is it so difficult to set up reminders in RTM?

helill says:
There are no shortcuts, takes a lot of clicks to set a reminder, no option for weeks, months, etc.
I know this more of a feature request - and there are a few of them already, but I'm genuinely wondering if this is by design.
Posted at 6:19pm on April 7, 2024
milene.cha says:
Yes, the community has requested this for years.
Definitely, it should be easier to work with reminders.
I would like to add shortcuts via Smart Add.
Posted 13 weeks ago
steve23606 says:
Lots of things have been requested for years. They never happen. Hence why quite a few regard RTM as abandonware.
Posted 13 weeks ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi helill,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Setting up reminders can work based on the due and start dates/times, so that adding a date and/or time will make reminders go off on schedule. See our reminders Help page for more details on this.

It's a separate step to add an individual reminder, which is requested in our Ideas forum. It doesn't have many comments or votes, so feel free to add there; we use that feedback to gauge interest. 💙

Either way, or both, we appreciate the feedback!
Posted 13 weeks ago
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