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Possibility to add reminder directly when creating a task

pistaccio11 says:
It would be nice to have the option to add reminders in the SmartAd list so that the option would appear by default if one wanted, rather than having to go and edit the item after its creation to add a reminder.
Posted at 12:40pm on June 10, 2016
fant says:
pistaccio11, if you add a Task with a time you will be reminded.
E.g. "testtask ^14:00" or "testtask ^Tom 13:00"
Posted 2 years ago
briantj says:
It is a pain to have to add the task to the inbox so that I can then open it and add a field to set the reminder. I would have thought reminders were added more frequently than an estimate or a repeat.
Posted 11 months ago
azclaire says:
Perhaps adding it as a default field will do the trick. Here's the how-whats:
Posted 11 months ago
briantj says:
The list of default fields doesn't include reminder. But that is the change that RTM need to make - add reminder as a default field.
Posted 9 months ago
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