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'Can't connect to RTM' warning every few minutes

jimmiedave says:
RTM generally works for me, though in using the desktop app on Mac OS I regularly see, in the upper right-hand column of the app, a non-modal alert that the app can't connect to Remember the Milk.

Since RTM is developed on the other side of the world from me, if it's primarily hosted there, I could imagine this would happen occasionally, but it appears to happen quite a lot. A guess is dozens of times a day.

The rest of my connectivity is unaffected: I can stream video while the alert shows up without the slightest glitch. I'm very often connected to and playing music from a local music server via WiFi which is really sensitive to network disconnections, and there's never a problem. The issue is not due to WiFi dropouts, or my service provider disconnecting or being inadequate (we have 600Mbps downstream service)

Any idea what's happening here? Is there a fix?
Posted at 11:35pm on July 5, 2023
jimmiedave says:
The literal text is

"Remember The Milk could
not connect to the Internet

The app is now in offline mode,
allowing you to use Remember The
Milk when you're not connected to
the Internet. When an Internet
connection is available, the app will
automatically return to online mode

[Primary intent button: Switch to online mode]"

This appears for seconds only, during times that the internet connection is just fine: other apps have no problem connecting, streaming, browsing, etc.

Why is this happening?
Posted 10 months ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi jimmiedave,
Sorry to hear this! We'd love to get some specifics if you are able to contact us.

Thanks for bringing this up so we can help. 💙
Posted 10 months ago
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