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Feature request: Subtask due dates based on Task due date

andreabishop says:
Hey all - I haven't seen this posted elsewhere, so forgive me if it has been already requested. I'd love for subtasks to be able to base their due dates off of the main task's due date.

For instance: Main Task = my Event; Due Date = Date of Event
Subtask 1 due date = (Event date - 12 days)
Subtask 2 due date = (Event Date - 3 days)


That way, if the main task date gets moved, all of the subtasks would adjust automatically.

Thanks, all, for an awesome product!
Posted at 1:40am on June 28, 2022
milene.cha says:
that's exactly what I need, too!

When I postpone or change the due date of a main task, the subtasks are left behind and I have to check the new due date of the main task and manually update the subtasks accordingly. Most annoying...

Either subtasks move along with the parent task or subtasks show up in the list view and we can bulk check parent tasks + subtasks.

That is one of the reasons why I don't use subtasks as often as I could.
Posted 2 years ago
(closed account) says:
Yes, this is an excellent idea! You should post it in the Ideas forum for people to vote on:

(scroll down, click Submit a suggestion on the left)
Posted 2 years ago
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