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Mobile Phone Contact for Setting up Reminders

paragphadke says:
I have been trying to set up my Mobile Phone as a Contact to receive reminders: My Mobile service is T-Mobile. I logged into the web site to set this contact but I never receive the verification text message - I must have tried at least 6 times - no luck. I was able to set up my email Contact but the reminder pn the mobile phone is where I would gain the most benefit.
Please HELP. Please text me at 510-757-4111 if you need to reach me.
Posted at 12:59am on January 19, 2020
wlcacdeputydirector says:
if they can find a way to expand the text reminder system like with daily reminders of tasks that haven't been completed i'd pay anything for this software. it's really the only thing missing
Posted 4 years ago
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi paragphadke,
Thanks for getting in touch.

There's currently a T-Mobile problem affecting delivery of these reminder SMS messages from us. You can confirm that your messages are working directly by emailing yourself at

If it's working for you directly, you may want to contact T-Mobile to let them know that messages from (our reminder server) aren't coming through. We've already heard this from a few people where messages are working manually.

(We've contacted them about this, but they've requested to hear from customers directly as well.)

You could pass this forum topic on to them as well, which describes some others having the same problem:

If the email doesn't work though, you may also want to contact T-Mobile, but this time to see if any further steps are necessary, e.g. enabling this on your account.

Hope this helps!

wlcacdeputydirector, you can set your Daily Digest to send later in the day to serve this way: you'll receive a reminder of any tasks you haven't yet completed. Hope this helps too!
Posted 4 years ago
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