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IFTTT integration - start and due date/time

mspelier says:
Hi all,
Loving RTM so far!
Only one thing I haven't figured out yet is how I can get tasks with a specific tag in a specific Google calendar, INCLUDING start and due date/time.
I am also a IFTTT user and explored the options there, but start and due dates and times are not passed along from RTM to IFTTT. The only date/time related property that is available is the "Created At", which is kind of useless in this context.
Thanks very much for any advice or pointers to a solution!
Posted at 12:14pm on April 15, 2018
andrewski (Remember The Milk) says:
Hi mspelier,
Thanks for getting in touch.

Currently the Remember The Milk IFTTT integration doesn't include task dates in the ingredients, but I've passed this on to the development team for review. Thanks for the feedback!

You could also submit this in the Ideas forum where others could vote and comment on it too.

Thanks again!
Posted 2 years ago
mspelier says:
Thanks for the reply, andrewski!
I will submit it to the ideas forum :-)
Posted 2 years ago
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