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CalDAV and Mountain Lion

dembo says:
I just started using Remember the Milk with Siri via CalDAV. Works like charm.

On my Mac I am using Fantastical which is pretty clever accepting natural language entries for events. It can also create reminders and I should be able to set up Remember the Milk as a CalDAV account in OS X 10.8.2.

However, Mountain Lion fails to connect to RTM's CalDAV server - I get an error message when trying to add the CalDAV account used for the Siri connection ("Server with secure communication is unavailable"). So close but no totally there.

Is there anything special regarding RTM's CalDAV account? Is there a secure way to connect or convince Mountain Lion to connect to insecure CalDAV servers?
Posted at 9:08am on October 4, 2012
brendan says:
Hi dembo,
Sorry but we don't currently offer the ability to add these CalDAV accounts on the desktop. These services are only available on iOS devices for the purpose of adding tasks via Siri.

If you'd like to see general CalDAV support in the future, you may want to vote for this suggestion in our Ideas forum.
Posted 6 years ago
meghanclare says:
I would also love this. Works great on my phone but would be doubly great to have it sync on my deskotp. I tried using Fluid and now a Website Ap via automator but it'd be great to use via Reminder's UI.
Posted 6 years ago
joachim.baran says:
I would find such a feature very useful too, because I just tried the same and ran into the described problem too.
Posted 6 years ago
jabairstow says:
I am in the same boat. It sounds like a great addition.

Posted 5 years ago
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