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Bug related to non-English smart dates

poluf1 says:
When I am trying to add a new task in the task list using the ^ sign in the local language, (e.g. in Hungarian ^hétfő as in ^Monday). the date is not saved but is simply appended to the title of the task instead.
This is very annoying :)
Please help and fix
Posted at 5:22am on September 15, 2011
brendan says:
Hi Istvan,
Sorry, but at the present time, Hungarian is not one of the supported languages in the iPad app. You can find a list of supported languages for the iOS apps here.
Posted 12 years ago
elling says:
Also when adding smart dates in Norwegian, which is supported, I get an error when using "^I dag" (which the app itself suggests), which is Norwegian for "today". The app does not recognise this, and just puts the smart date as part of the task title. I suspect this might be related to the space?
Posted 12 years ago
elling says:
The same happens in the web interface, but at least the web interface auto suggests the English version. iPhone app does the same thing. I would gladly use the English versions in both apps, but the annoying part is that the app drop down menu for due date uses the (bugged) Norwegian version.
Posted 12 years ago
brendan says:
Hi elling,
This issue has been added to our list to investigate. Sorry for any inconvenience this causes.

In the meantime, you are able to use "idag" (without the space) on both the web app and the iPad app to set the correct due date.
Posted 12 years ago
martinal says:
I just reported this in duplicate. But it is not new, I reported it last year... Losing patience...
Posted 12 years ago
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