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How to duplicate a task

eateryads says:
I can't seem to figure out where the option is to duplicate a task. It would be very handy to be able to set several parameters in one task that are common amongst a group of new tasks and then duplicate that task X number of times.

I saw a reference to hoe to do such a thing in the help, but my app is not showing what the help says it should. I should be able to click the edit tasks button, select the task, then click the "More..." button to see a duplicate option, but that does not happen.

Please advise. Thank you in advance.

Loving the app so far!
Posted at 7:29am on July 22, 2011
brendan says:
Unfortunately it's not currently possible to duplicate a task in the iPhone app; sorry for any inconvenience. The help section you were reading may have been describing how to duplicate a task using the web app. You can do this by selecting a task then choosing "Duplicate Task" from the More Actions dropdown menu.

In the meantime, you may be able to use Smart List inheritance to create new tasks with certain pre-defined properties. Task that are added to a Smart List will inherit some properties automatically based on the search criteria for the list. You can find more information about inheritance here.

Hope that helps!
Posted 12 years ago
eateryads says:
Ah, that explains it! Of course I'd love to see this feature in a future release. Thanks for the prompt response!
Posted 12 years ago
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