Automate tasks with MilkScript.


Frequently asked questions about MilkScript. If you still have questions after reading the FAQ, please contact us.


What is MilkScript?

MilkScript is a scripting functionality built into the web/desktop app that lets you manage your tasks programmatically.

With MilkScript you can use JavaScript to interact with your to-do list. You can create and work with almost anything in your account: tasks, lists, tags, Smart Lists, locations, contacts, notes.

Using MilkScript methods and JavaScript commands you can create a series of commands and functions to perform actions within your Remember The Milk account.

MilkScript assumes familiarity with JavaScript. To learn more about JavaScript you can review courses like these from Codecademy.

How does MilkScript work?

MilkScript uses a sandboxed version of GraalVM to execute JavaScript within Remember The Milk with access to a built-in library that allows you to manage tasks in your account.

How do I run a MilkScript script?

You can run a MilkScript script in two ways:

  • In the web/desktop app, click the MilkScript button at the top right, then click the script you want to run.
  • Triggers will be available to run a script based on a date, or from external services like IFTTT and Zapier.
What limits exist for my MilkScript scripts?

MilkScript execution is limited to 200,000 statements or 10 seconds (whichever comes first). If you exceed the limitation, your script throws an exception and execution stops.

All limits are subject to elimination, reduction, or change at any time, without notice.