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In the tags field, search the whole tag (not just from the beginning) when auto-completing

traycerb says:
I use my tags as project names. In typical fashion (and GTD-style) the projects/tags are named after what would be the successful outcome.


when i'm entering tags for a given task though (in the right-hand box with the task properties), i can't always remember the starting words. Did I use 'buy' or did I use 'get' for that tag? Since autocomplete only works starting from the beginning of a tag, if I can't remember exactly how the tag starts, autocomplete can't help.

What I *CAN* remember is that it involves a coffee table. So my suggestion would be that the autocomplete searches the whole tag.

e.g. if I type 'coffee', autocomplete suggests

..but also:


I think this would be useful, and not too computationally expensive, since the search is limited to tags. I wouldn't be surprised if there's some javascript function that can search a list not just from the beginning of each entry, but from anywhere in a given entry.

Posted at 6:11am on March 1, 2010
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