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Don't use GPS if there are no tasks with location

alex3d.p says:
Much of the time, my tasks do not have a location associated with them. The Android RTM app continues to use the GPS subsystem even if there are no tasks with locations (I am getting this from the battery usage page). Is it possible for RTM to not access GPS if there are no tasks with locations?
Posted at 5:36am on March 1, 2010
admirau says:
No words... This should be in the bugs reports.
Posted 10 years ago
baysailor says:
Yikes ! My battery usage is high enough without this unnecessary burden. Please, offer a way to turn it off. I never use the location feature, so am I exempt?
Posted 7 years ago
jumanjihanuman says:
Must have feature!
Posted 6 years ago
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