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Two-dimensional priorities, i.e. assign both a number and letter for priority

scgarris says:
It would be nice to assign priorities not just as a number but with a letter as well. That way one could order tasks by two dimensions--Urgency and Importance.
Posted at 4:11pm on December 21, 2009
leah.shalom Power Poster says:
You could do this with tags in addition to the RTM priorities.
Posted 11 years ago
puckarocca says:
I'm a huge fan of ABC123(456....) A is your "On FIRE!" C is your "nice to get this done" and 123456789 helps you order them within those categories.

You could also set deadlines for each item when it should transition from being a "C" item to a "B" item to an "A" item.

That and an android tablet version would convert me off of paper tasking forever.
Posted 9 years ago
jcrumley says:
Ditto to the huge fan comment. I don't think this can be achieved with tags in addition to the rtm priorities just from the sorting standpoint. Even if you were to do a quick interface to the API for a slick GUI to make, when the information is back in rtm, how do you maintain a sorted view from any of the rtm applications?

Considering the market penetration of Franklin covey on the paper based side of things, it seems remarkable that rtm (and others) don't offer an optional second level of prioritization.
Posted 9 years ago says:
This can be quite powerful!
Posted 9 years ago
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