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Speak notifications aloud (TTS)

(closed account) says:

It would be great if RMT would simply read notification text aloud using Text To Speech API. This should be easy to implement, TTS samples are like 10 lines of code :)

Plus maybe Locale plugin to turn it off in some situations.

RTM is THE BEST app for android!

Posted at 4:59pm on November 24, 2009
kknd.none says:

I wouldn't have to look at the phone to decide if notification is important and requires immediate action.
Posted 14 years ago
mariusbernard says:
Sure, quite usefull feature.
Posted 14 years ago
dygituljunky says:
Please, please add this. I use Talking Calendar for calendar reminders because I started (accidentally) ignoring the calendar notification sound. Sometimes I don't notice the RTM cowbell so I miss the reminder.

I also have a job behind the wheel so it's also safer for my phone to speak the reminder out to me as opposed to me looking at the phone.

This should be very easy to implement.
Posted 12 years ago
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