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Ability to create a new list using Smart Add

john.a.hyland says:
The idea of a quicker way to add lists was posted previously to an apparently luke-warm reception ( Since we now have the smart add feature, can you guys add another operator/keyword to allow the quick creation of a list using Smart Add? For example "~NewList" (the ~ is not a key that can be easily pressed accidentally on my US keyboard, although I'm not sure about other languages).

The other list-management features I don't need quickly, but to be able to create a list quickly would save me a heap of time.

Whilst I could use tags, I'd then end up with heaps of tags and would still need heaps of smartlists to filter out the tasks I want. Not to mention then having a few small, but unmanageably large lists of tasks to review.

Perhaps in the longer term we could have a whole new area of user-defined Smart Add shortcuts in RTM settings? Each action that can be done in RTM could be itemised and then allow users to define the shortcut to use in Smart Add - although by this stage "Smart Add" may not be the most appropriate name...
Posted at 9:29pm on November 4, 2009
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