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Add a visual cue to show properties not yet entered in the Smart Add bar

rashley03 says:
I often overlook or forget to add all available properties when entering a new task using Smart Add. It would be great if there could be some kind of reminder of properties not yet entered in the Smart Add bar, such as listing the names of empty properties (e.g., location, duration, etc.) in grayed-out text or some other visual cue at the end of the bar.
Posted at 4:45am on September 23, 2009
ranbarton Power Poster says:
One thing you can do is create a check list or lists that winnow out tasks missing various criteria, so that you can see by their presence that they lack something key. Once you work the check list to empty, you know your tasks are all filed properly in your system.
Posted 10 years ago
benb says:
I have a smart list "Check meta" that has the following criteria:

(due:never OR isLocated:false OR isTagged: false OR (NOT timeEstimate:"> 0" AND NOT timeEstimate:"0 minutes"))AND NOT tag:someday AND NOT list:Shop AND NOT tag:-wishlist

The first half shows up all tasks with missing meta data (I use time est of "0 minutes" to identify tasks that I don't want or need an estimate).

The second half exludes certain tasks from the check: I know that my shopping tasks won't necessarily have a due date or time estimate for example
Posted 10 years ago
adrian.russell says:
It would also be great if calculated fields like the due date and repeat were able to be shown on the fly.

ie if I type in Every Month on the Last Day of The Month the values would be populated to show how the smart add was being interpreted.
Posted 9 years ago
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