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Yahoo! Calendar sync

gregory.louie says:

I love your product. I would like to see it flourish and make you all millionaires.

Yahoo's Calendar is very useful, but it's to do list bites. A Yahoo Calendar Synch tool would gain you instant access to millions of Yahoo users.


Posted at 4:08pm on April 13, 2006
lmrauch says:
heh, I was just coming to add the same thing! Yahoo Calendar lets you sync with your Palm, with Outlook and with the Yahoo calendar... huge opportunity potential!
Posted 14 years ago
michael.languay says:
Personally I think Yahoo's calendar bites too. Some kind of cooperative venture with 30boxes (the best interface so far in the calendar wars) or just the ability to upload my lists here to my 30boxes calendar there would be awesome.
Posted 14 years ago
manoj.chugh says:
Hey, we need calendar integrations for Yahoo, Google, 30Boxes, HipCal, Outlook...
Posted 14 years ago
nikolozi says:
sync with google calendar would be sweet...
Posted 14 years ago
dondiego says:

I do agree with gregory.louie. BTW, great tool I use every day !

Don Diego
Posted 14 years ago
rnd2 says:
I'm a big yahoo calendar fan, simple interface, would very much like to have remember the milk integration - not willing to switch to google calendar
Posted 12 years ago
gwoodard says:
Any response to this from RTM? I really like RTM, but am disappointed that I cannot use it with My Yahoo or with my calendar.
Posted 12 years ago
finny388 says:
i vote Yahoo calendar sync
i have used Yahoo all of my net life

the new yahoo calendar still in beta looks like it may be better than anything else if it ever finally gets released

emily, please offer your thoughts on this possibility

Posted 12 years ago
timjch says:
Is Yahoo calendar available yet? Would be great.
Posted 9 years ago
bruce_friedman says:
ditto - how can I sync with Yahoo! calendar?
Posted 9 years ago
tonybarrett says:
please work on sync with Yahoo calendar - thank you much
Posted 7 years ago
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