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FAQ on future features and development

emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Questions about future features and what we're working on currently pop up on these forums from time to time. We've gathered together the most frequently asked questions and shared them below; unfortunately we're unable to respond to individual questions of this kind. Thanks for your understanding! :)

1) Which features will you be adding in the future? Can you share your roadmap?

I'm sorry we don't have a roadmap available; we tend not to pre-announce features (even I personally don't know what we could be launching next week :)

Feedback from RTM users is extremely important to us (we do read and consider every post on the forums and all suggestions we receive), but there are many factors that we have to consider when deciding what to develop next. We know well which features are most requested and we do take this into consideration.

2) Can you tell me which features you're working on right now?

Unfortunately I'm not able to share what our developers are working on currently. Just because we might work on a feature today doesn't give any indication when that feature might be available (priorities might change, or it might just take a lot longer than expected).

Perhaps most importantly, it doesn't even indicate if that feature will be available in the future (not everything that we work on ultimately becomes a feature on the site; we might prototype or even fully develop something before deciding against launching it). We don't want to disappoint anyone by making promises for features that we may not end up fulfilling. :(

3) Are you planning on adding feature X?

Please see my response to question 1).

4) Can you tell me what you think of my idea for feature Y?

I'm sorry that we're unable to comment on specific feature requests, but we do consider every piece of feedback that we receive as we work to improve RTM (and love hearing from you!).

5) Why haven't you added feature Z yet? Why is it taking so long?

Please keep in mind that everyone has a different favourite feature that they'd like to see added to RTM. We receive literally hundreds and hundreds of different feature requests, and the feedback that we receive is very important to us. If the next feature that we add isn't the one you wanted, please remember that to someone else, that feature is incredibly important (we wouldn't have developed it if it wasn't! :)

6) Can I help to test new features?

You're welcome to join the Pro Tester Program (an RTM Pro account is required). Members of this program are invited to try out pre-release versions of RTM features when we need help with testing.

7) How can I find out when new features become available?

Keep your eyes on the blog -- it's the first place we share any RTM news. :)
Posted at 1:47pm on March 18, 2009
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