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Add 'currentDay' to search operators

andy.raffle says:
I'd like to suggest a new operator for searches and smartlists.




        Filters by current weekday (Monday - Sunday)

Example 1: true if today is Monday-Friday


Example 2: true if today is Saturday-Sunday


Example 3: true if today is Monday


Example 4: true if today is Saturday



        Task: "Make dental appointment" (tag: onlyWeekdays)

        Smart List: "Next Actions"

                (tag:onlyWeekdays and currentDay:weekday)
                OR (tag:onlyWeekends and currentDay:weekend)
                OR tag:anyDay
Posted at 2:28pm on February 22, 2009
(closed account) says:
wow... I love this idea (and your other one is also good, but this one ould be much more useful to me)
Posted 12 years ago
krissy says:
Hi andy.raffle - I've made a note of your suggestion. Thanks!
Posted 12 years ago
mcvanandel says:
I would like to vote for this feature! Very useful
Posted 7 years ago
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