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MindMeister integration

leo.knight says:
Brainstorming on a project in Mindmeister is awesome and RTM is awesome for turning that brainstorming into action items and tasks.

It would be really cool if we could just click a button in either mindmeister or rtm to import a project as a list with all the branches at tasks.
Posted at 5:03pm on January 5, 2009
mctechie says:
I second that!

Mindmeister is excellent and some sort of integration with RTM would only enhance it further.

Maybe we have the cart before the horse here and we should post also on MindMeisters forums. :s

Posted 15 years ago
polycarpo says:
Hi, Mc

I agree with You and wish to add that there's also the helpful visual aspect of a mind map showing You all the panorama of Your Projects and Tasks.
For a couple of minutes ago I've posted about a "dreamed" RTM + MindMeiter integration (using the GTD System). If You, McTechie or any other reader, wants to contribute to think about it, see the very crude idea at:
I'm glad to see that someone else cares about a RTM + MindMeister Integration. Cheers!
Posted 15 years ago
polycarpo says:
The same words above to Leo Knight too! I1m in a hurry and did not pay attention to all the thread.
Cheers, Leo.
Posted 15 years ago
polycarpo says:
I wanna think with You together (specially with those who uses the GTD System) about the possibility of such an integration. Let us start thinking at the possibility of: 01) browsing lists (smart lists included) from a mindmap in Mindmeister; 02) jotting tasks which would be accessible in RTM as well as in Mindmeister; 03) Do You have other ideas about this dreamed integration?
Maybe the most important thing on it would be the visual aspect of Your Projects and Tasks Presentation. Could You think at other vantages of this integration?
I will be very thankful for each input about this issue.

This post by Emily Boid, is very helpful to think about my idea's point of departure:
Posted 15 years ago
paul.eastabrook says:
throw in a google gears enabled personal wiki, something like TIddlyWiki, but hosted, then you have an awesome external brain for GTD, brain storming and learning. Can anyone recommend a personal wiki that is gears & iphone enabled?
Posted 15 years ago
volodymyr says:
Too bad this conversation never got any further than just conversation. Mindmapping tool +ToDo lists tool+ GTD process+ SaaS web access + mobile Apps = ultimate way to keep your mind free and concentrated on important stuff.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
even if 3 years old, i think it's still needed.
Posted 11 years ago
paulcook says:
even if 4 years old this would be good!!!
Posted 11 years ago
pwilliams73625 says:
Mindmeister features task management. RTM does it way better. No brainer that at list simple integration would be useful.
Posted 11 years ago
(closed account) says:
Still useful 6 years later :-)
Posted 8 years ago
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