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Show a calendar when choosing the due date

karsten.seiferlin says:

Entering due dates with the iPhone-typical wheels is nice but sometimes not very effective. For example, the day of week is not shown and I must check elsewhere whether Dec 12 is a Friday or now. A calender (grid of buttons in a calender arrangement) would be much better.

Posted at 10:15am on November 18, 2008

hakercin says:


Posted 2 years ago

joegormally says:

This would be a good change, or at least have the option to have either view. The calendar view is easier to work with in my opinion.

Posted 2 years ago

stelefebvre says:

Double post on this

Posted 2 years ago

per.ottosson says:


Posted 2 years ago

cincytaus says:

A calendar view would be great!

Posted 2 years ago

a.obhof says:

that would come in handy

Posted 2 years ago

srobb Pro says:

I keep clicking/tapping on the little picture of the calendar next to the text box, hoping a widget will come up so I can choose a date. Please add this!

Posted 1 year ago

lauras523 Pro says:

Gawd *please* do this! It's such a little thing, but such a pain given that it's an integral function. Also make the edit task pain bigger please! It's hard to see and hard to click on.

Posted 1 year ago

stevep771 says:

There is a work-around. When you're at the date picker wheel, turn the 'Any time" switch to OFF. This at least shows the day of week on the wheel. Then turn it back on before you exit and your task is saved with a due date, but no due time.

Posted 1 year ago

stevep771 says:

But a calendar view option would be much, much, much, much better.

Posted 1 year ago

vladikin.m Pro says:


Posted 10 months ago

jpirie says:

Indeed, would love to see this.

Posted 9 months ago

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