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Brightkite integration

(closed account) says:
I would like to see an integration with It would be great to get a message from rmilk when I checkin on a location containing tasks associated with that location.
Posted at 2:30pm on October 29, 2008
donalfadden says:
agreed - also as an irish user i can receive alerts via sms which twitter currently doesn't provide!!
Posted 11 years ago
turqy says:
i must third this option, the two seem to go hand-in-hand.

what should the implementation be? bidirectional?

ie, it seems obvious that if I check-in via bkite to a location associated with a task that I should somehow be alerted of that fact (email, sms, whatever).

however, what about completing a task on rtm first? if I complete a task on rtm that has a location associated with it (ie, my local grocery store) should I get an sms from bkite asking me if I want to check-in there and update my position?

let me know your thoughts.
Posted 11 years ago
bkudria says:
Any sort of integration would be awesome, but turqy's second idea is particularly neat. Maybe look into Fire Eagle too?
Posted 11 years ago
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