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Task Complete Option on iPhone

marksquared says:
It would be really nice if there was an option to check off a to do item as complete on the iphone version of RTM.
Posted at 8:26pm on June 12, 2008
cnorth3 says:
Posted 12 years ago
adamkipnes says:
Posted 12 years ago
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
The standard on the iPhone (and the RTM app) is to hit the "Edit" button to bring up whatever editing options are available for that view. Editing can be a whole number of things, from customisation to deletion.

In the RTM app, hitting "Edit" will bring up "tick marks" next to each task, which when pressed will give you the "Complete" button, which completes the task :)
Posted 12 years ago
mmartel says:
This is way too many taps just to complete a task (and there's no easy way to Postpone a task) - it's made MUCH easier using the non-iPhone optimized mobile version:

Posted 12 years ago
bretep says:
I think what needs to be done is:

1) use the built in CSS functions of the iPhone to do a swipe then click complete rather than hit edit, click blue check, then complete.

2) when you hit edit have select boxes rather than a check mark then you can select as many tasks as completed (or whatever you want to do with the items) and then you can click on a drop down box with options to move all to different lists, or share, or complete.
Posted 12 years ago
ab (Remember The Milk) says:
Yes the current system is not ideal, I definitely agree, I"ve been against it forever!

We want checklist multiple complete!

I think the iPhone is a learning experience for everyone, including Apple, there are some very strange navigation flow decisions that make me go O_o!
Posted 12 years ago
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