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Show tags in the Weekly Planner

omer.zach says:

I would just like to say that I think a great addition to Remember the Milk would be the (optional) ability to view tags in the weekly planner. Otherwise, if you have two similarly or identically named tags in the same list but with different tags to differentiate them, the weekly planner becomes essentially obsolete.

For example, I am a high school student and want to manage all the tests and homework for my classes in one list, using tags to designate which class the assignment or test is for. However, in the weekly planner, there is no way to differentiate between "HW #10" in math and "HW #10" in chemistry, or between "Unit 6 Test" in French class and "Unit 6 Test" in chemistry.
Posted at 4:45am on April 15, 2008
esellars says:
+1. I have a number of tasks in my to-do lists that are the same task, but are associated with different projects or people. I define these associations with tags. Thus, in my Weekly Planner view, I see a number of identical tasks but am unable to differentiate them because I am unable to see the tag associations. This effectively makes the Weekly Planner worthless to me. It seems like it would be trivial to add an option to include the tags associated with each task in the Weekly Planner view (I've done something very similar to this with a Rainmeter tool, but it would be nice to have the Weekly Planner for printing).
Posted 9 years ago
180biz says:
+1. I would love to see the tags print on the weekly planner. I enter all tasks for work in the work tab and then use tags to identify the client the task is due for. Saves time and is easy to search. This prevents me from using the Weekly Planner as I can see the task but not who it is for. Thanks!
Posted 8 years ago
nicholasemay says:
+1 This is a cool idea -- I'm a little surprised it isn't implemented already. I like how the proposal makes it's optional -- sometimes I just want my tasks, without the metadata.
Posted 7 years ago
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