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Show overdue tasks in the 'Today' tab on the Overview screen

jim.prosser says:
A little nitpicky perhaps, but I hate having to flip over to the Overdue tab to see what else I might have missed the day before but still need to be done ASAP. What do people think of combining the two, with an underline treatment underneath the overdue items? I've actually missed a few action items in my time using RTM because I didn't look at the overdue items!
Posted at 8:41pm on April 12, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
We've now changed this with the new Remember The Milk, and overdue tasks are included in the "Today" view.

Hope this helps!
Posted 4 years ago
masnare says:
Why not create a new smart list based on the search "dueBefore:tomorrow"?

That sounds like what you want to see. It wouldn't be on the overview page, but still...
Posted 12 years ago
jim.prosser says:
Fair enough. I'll give that a go.
Posted 12 years ago
bruno.bloch says:
me too I would love to see the overdues in the "Today" tab, below today's tasks - seems logical, because if i missed them yesterday they need to be done today
Posted 11 years ago
jeminar says:
masnare -- thanks for the tip... this is exactly sorted with the smart list based on dueBefore:tomorrow

Posted 11 years ago
waldir.leoncio says:
It's just so easy to miss overdue items when looking at the Overview. Creating a smart list as masnare suggested it a great workaround, but I believe it creates unnecessary duplication of lists. I stick by the original idea.
Posted 8 years ago
rd_210 says:
Another idea would be to make the Today list a customisable smartlist. That way users can choose which they prefer.
Posted 7 years ago
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