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Link an existing task to a Gmail email

cpeikert says:
In RTM for Gmail, I know how to create a new task associated with an email, by starring/labeling.

But is there a way to link an *existing* task to an email? Ditto for a contact? Many of my tasks were initially created by hand instead of by starring/labeling emails, and now I want to link them to their relevant emails.
Posted at 7:04pm on April 9, 2008
johnwin says:
I cannot imagine this is possible - rtm for gmail can drag info out of an email but cannot import it in to an existing one
Posted 13 years ago
cpeikert says:
I'm not trying to put data into an existing email. I just want to link an existing task to an email, as if I had originally "created a task" from that email.
Posted 13 years ago
johnwin says:
but I think that would require adding something to that original email (under the current rtm for gmail set-up anyhow)

I'm afraid old email is history - you need to move forward with rtm.

That said if you are using a web based email (gmail) you may be able to grab a unique url for that particular email and paste it into the url field in the rtm task?
Posted 13 years ago
cpeikert says:
I am confused by your response.

I'm guessing that when I "create an RTM task" from an email, a new task is created on RTM's server that contains a link to that email. I don't see why it would need to alter the email on the gmail server in any way. (But even if it did, why couldn't the change be made at a later time?)

All I want to do is change an existing RTM task to link to a relevant email, as if I had originally created the task from that email. I can copy the URL into the RTM task, but it's pretty unwieldy and not as useful.
Posted 13 years ago
johnwin says:
I see your point now cpeikert - but how would to take the existing remeinder and link it to the email? With a desktop app this might be quite straight forward - drag and drop the reminder onto the email you want to link to maybe?

In a web app this is not so easy.

I'm afraid we are stuck with copy/paste of the url
Posted 13 years ago
tvjames says:
Every piece of email in Gmail has a separate URL. I'd love an option (via extension?) to "Create reminder in Gmail" that lets me add some details (it might suggest the subject line as the reminder title) and then uses the Gmail URL has the RTM URL for the task. Cleaner than forwarding the email to my RTM email address.
Posted 10 years ago
peter.wolk says:
Ref another suggestion I posted the note following.
I'm confused by things here.
You can just "copy the URL into the RTM task", but why as that "pretty unwieldy and not as useful." More useful than what?
Once you have the gmail's URL you can link the task to it - and then archive/delete the gmail so it's not cluttering up the inbox. (Deleted gmail will be available for a month.)
There's more needed.

What's the problem here exactly? If I read a gmail I want to tag I create a task in the RTM gadget as to how I want to handle, tag as appropriate (reply, read later), and then just cut&paste the gmail's URL into the task's URL. And add.

I then archive - or if appropriate, like some current article that I'll either read in a few days or never - delete. (It'll be available for a month before gmail deletes it.)

Then when I want to execute the task, I just click on the URL - and there it is.

Unless I'm misunderstanding the only thing I see being asked for here is maybe a single button that opens the new task with the URL already in place?
Posted 10 years ago
younesde says:
Posted 9 years ago
locusws says:
Maybe this is addressed somewhere else, but for me the main point is that it would be great if each RTM task could have a distinct link. Period. I have a lot of shared tasks, and this way I could link to relevant other tasks from within a particular task, or I could just put the url for the task in an email when we're discussing the task. It would add a lot of value.
Posted 4 years ago
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