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Add tasks by SMS

michaelcaruso says:
I don't have a data plan for my cell phone, so adding tasks when I am on the run is difficult. It would be incredible if a user could add tasks to their inbox via a text message sent to a custom RTM number.

Eventually, you could add functionality to specify due dates, which list, etc., but for a v.1.0, just adding tasks would make my life that much better. I know that Google Calendar has some SMS functionality similar to this for adding events to user's calendar.

I cannot tell you how many times I am running errands or not around my computer and I think of something I need to do and never write it down! If I could text it to my to-do list, then I could write tasks down pretty much whereever I am.
Posted at 2:19pm on February 11, 2008
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
You can actually use Twitter to achieve this -- it requires a little bit of setting up, but you can send an SMS to Twitter that says:

d rtm pick up the milk

and it will be added in your RTM account :)

Hope this helps!
Posted 16 years ago
nah.why says:
Well, there's jott which i use all the time.

Also, my non-data-plan (att/cingular) allows me to put email addresses in the To: of sms messages. so i can sms-to-email the tasks.

now my phone/carrier doesnt allow the + sign, so i had to create forwarding at my domain. so i have If you dont have your own domain, then you could create a specialized gmail acct (for free :), ie and forward everything to your rtm email addr (described here:

whether i use jott or sms-to-email depends on my environment. If i'm driving, i use jott (hands free, of course :) If i'm in watching my kid's noisy sporting event, i use sms.
Posted 16 years ago
graham.jans says:
I second this idea. It could just be a generic SMS number (like one of those 5 or 6 digit ones) and just filter based on the sender's number, easy pie.

In any case, SOME kind of solution for phone posting for those of us without data, that doesn't involve hackey workarounds...
Posted 15 years ago
billdyszel says:
I third the motion on an SMS gateway, 10 digits if need be.

The problem with using Twitter is that it's public - if you want to remind yourself to pick up something more personal than milk, you don't want all your twitter followers to read about it.
Posted 15 years ago
pburani says:
billdyszel -- far as I can tell, using Emily's suggestion above does not make this info visible to the public.
Posted 15 years ago
emilyhellenbrand says:
The D (as in "d rtm") makes this a Direct message. I believe this is private.
Posted 14 years ago
thedoson says:
twitter smses is unpredictable.. they don't reach in time for me. So here's another vote. A generic number for RTM & available for INDIA too,
Posted 13 years ago
cesare.brizio says:
I too have a telephone operator without the possibility of tweeting directly via SMS, and I would appreciate a generic number available for ITALY too
Posted 13 years ago
jonty1982 says:
Posted 12 years ago
hollowins says:
I think Twitter sms got cancelled because the ceo of Twitter got hacked. The hackers got control of his cellphone number and started posting things to his Twitter account so he got mad and cancelled sms Twitter for everybody. Lol
Posted 4 years ago
(closed account) says:
IFTTT works well for sending things to RTM. Very useful.
Posted 3 years ago
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