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Sunbird sync

noumenontruth says:
Two way syncing with sunbird describes the idea of syncing sunbird (the mozilla calendar application) two ways with the rtm tasks. This could possibly allow you to add, remove, complete, and even edit tasks directly through sunbird, meaning a third party app can finally control remember the milk allowing for off line management, and one program that controls both your calendar and your tasks all on an online server!

I've two way synced my google calendar with sunbird using a great little app called works like a charm and was relatively easy to set up.

I have posted on their forums asking about possibly working with rtm getting this same functionality, which would be unbelievably useful, and they say that within the week they will release public API's that can allow just this.

The link to their response is here:

Could someone take a look at this and consider possibly implementing it? Two way syncing with tasks would make the current system I use with gcal and rtm and sunbird absolutely perfect, and this combination could be used by anyone. I think it would really add the last piece of perfection needed to make this task management system pretty much perfect.

You can see my current sunbird + gcal + rtm system here: - it really works quite well and this would be the finishing touch to it.

Thanks for reading,

Posted at 3:31pm on January 30, 2008
webstrong says:
I use almost the exact same setup with addition of the Google Apps suite and my own domain sitting on the Gmail service. So I've got gCal + Lightning, Gmail + Thunderbird, and RTM + the Firefox Gmail Tasks plugin.

The only thing that's needed to tie all of this together is 2-way RTM task support for Thunderbird.

Anyone interested in creating this? I'm sure the API supports it. Any takers?

Many kudos to the clever fellow who puts the last piece of the puzzle together.

Posted 13 years ago
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