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Default settings for new tasks

jkorn says:
When creating a new task, I typically need it configured as Due Today, Priority 1, etc.

Unfortunately, I have to set these specs for each and every new task, which makes for lots of extra clicks and typing. My previous standalone to-do list app allowed me to configure all possible default settings of a new task, freeing me to create good new tasks merely by typing the title. I really miss that feature since switching to RTM. (Though I love so many other aspects of RTM!)

Also, I find my new tasks disappearing every time I create them when I'm in my favorite Smart List. (This is an issue that's already been addressed in the Ideas Forum: ) This feature I'm proposing could resolve this issue, provided I set my defaults for new tasks to match my criteria for my favorite Smart List.

One way to implement this proposed feature would be to allow me to create a new task (partially or fully) and then set that task as my "template" for all subsequent tasks.

I look forward to hearing what you think of this idea as a simple solution to a nagging problem.

Posted at 8:42pm on January 14, 2008
csesget says:
I think this is an excellent idea.
Posted 13 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Good idea, I liked this in "the GTD tool I used before discovering RTM" and miss it here. Maybe even a few different templates to design and then choose from.
Posted 13 years ago
ereussner says:
another idea would be to use the current smart list criteria as defaults for the new task that is created, so often a title would be all I needed to enter ...
Posted 13 years ago
raymond.bergmark Power Poster says:
Actually it works like that ereussner. The problem is when the smart list criteria are ambiguous and all properties are lost.
Posted 13 years ago
ranbarton Power Poster says:
One approach to this mentioned in another, previous thread, is to use email message drafts as template tasks. When you have a new task, open and clone the right draft, add your title, and then mail it to your RTM email address, and there you have a few click solution to templates.

On a Mac with quicksilver, it'd be a snap to setup, but I imagine Launchy and Outlook could muster similar functionality.
Posted 13 years ago
mark.vatsaas says:
I would like this option, if the defaults were per-project. I wouldn't use it if the defaults applied globally.
Posted 9 years ago
camiel.eggermont says:
Agree with Mark: a per-list defaults approach would be great. I have a distinction between private lists, work-lists, etc. Would be great to add the location as default for the list.
Posted 9 years ago
jaykaplon says:
If this were added, one way to define the defaults would be to use a text field in settings where you enter a string with the Smart Add text codes such as:
#MyList !2 ^today
Posted 8 years ago
pskarbon says:
great idea, i have same need for defaults
Posted 1 year ago
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