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Bug tracker integration

jyrinx says:
How about integration with a bug tracking system? I'm a professional coder, so this would be *awesome* for me. In my case, I'd want to be able to have my assigned JIRA bug slips appear as RTM tasks; to have the URL field point to the JIRA page for the slip; to have the comments on the slips appear as notes; and to be able to mark the task as complete to mark the bug as fixed.

(Of course, JIRA in particular makes the last one more difficult, as projects can set up arbitrary state machines whereby a bug can be in one of many different custom states (reported, fixed, pending QA, etc.), and there are well-defined transitions with particular effects on things like assignee. But anyway. Maybe it'd have to be read-only; it'd still be insanely useful for me.)

Since JIRA and RTM both have public APIs, this may actually be fairly simple for a third party to do. I may be able to take a crack at it; any pointers, if this is the case?
Posted at 10:22am on January 7, 2008
deterb says:
Sounds like a fun idea. I haven't worked with JIRA before and I'm just starting playing around with the RTM API. I'll let you know here if I think of anything.
Posted 16 years ago
jyrinx says:
Well, for this purpose, JIRA probably isn't the best starting point; as I outlined above, workflows muddy the picture quite a bit. I wouldn't have suggested JIRA but it's the one I'd need support for :-) Also, JIRA's Web API works via the 600-pound gorilla known as XML-RPC ...

If, unlike me, you're not predisposed to work on JIRA in particular, I'd suggest targeting a more lightweight system, preferably one with a simplified model like Mantis or Trac. (Come to think of it, Trac's raison d'être is integration, so it may be the easiest of all to target.) If we tackle that, we should be able to press on to JIRA's, er, eccentricities :-D

Anyway, yeah, keep me posted :-)
Posted 16 years ago
kwill says:
While Googling I came across Ticket2RTM - a one-way ticket-into-task Trac plugin: (plugin and howto) (announcement)

Haven't had a chance to install/try it out yet.
Posted 16 years ago
michaelocall says:
Hi guys any movement on this? We are looking at integration to our intranet product with the very functionality. 3 years maybe the lust has waned!
Posted 12 years ago
dave.liao says:
The idea of developing a JIRA add-on to communicate to a specific Remember the Milk account, or a specified email address (one of those addresses) is enticing...

If someone wants to tackle it before I do:
Posted 9 years ago
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