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Snooze option

monkey.boy says:
I did a search for Snooze on the forum, and only (2) threads came back. One was 6mths old and the other 2 years old. Has a Snooze option been added to RTM ? I cant seem to locate it. If it hasn't been added, I am very surprised that there is little talk about it.

If there is no Snooze option, does anyone have a workaround for getting reminders until an action is done for a task? I use this feature ALLOT with Outlook at work, but sometimes I forget to do something and it would be nice to get another reminder until I either Postpone or Complete the Task.
Posted at 8:06pm on January 2, 2008
monkey.boy says:

Any RTM staff have a comment on this?
Posted 14 years ago
lwallach says:
monkeyboy, I've found that in the last few months (since I've been using RTM), RTM staff doesn't comment in this forum area, only in the Help area. I would suggest if you want feedback from them on an idea, you might try contacting them directly.

This is unfortunate, and I'd love to see some public feedback, but I certainly understand the lack of time and the need to not promise things one can't deliver in a timely fashion. Still, it would be good to see whether there are specific features that are actually being worked on - I guess this again would possibly be bad for competition as it would let competitors know what things are in the works so they could implement them as well...
Posted 14 years ago
monkey.boy says:
Thanks. I posted the question on the Help forum. No responses yet though :(

I would be more than willing to pay for a Pro account if this feature was available.
Posted 14 years ago
hourback says:
I would love the snooze option and have wished for it often.

I also like the idea of an arbitrary number of reminder times or multiple due times for tasks.
Posted 13 years ago
senorshaggo says:
I need snooze. Best part of outlook is the ability to quickly remind me again.
Posted 11 years ago
asanz says:
Posted 6 years ago
stratis says:
I often find myself unable to complete a task with a due date because I am blocked by some external dependency (or I am traveling).

Postponing a task doesn't work for me when the task is repetitive since it would throw off the due date of the next task occurrence.

At the same time the task remains in my to-do (in red since it is late) which results in clutter.

It would be nice if I were able to "snooze" the task for a time range (day/week/custom?)
Posted 6 years ago
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