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See Notes Within GMail (Not a Whole 'Nother Web Page)

rafiki.cai says:
The beauty of the Gmail RTM FF extension is INTEGRATION.

Its bad enough, that you have to leave GM to create a Note. Later if you want to reference that Note, you're taken to another web page (again).

With ALL the resources in the GooglePlex, can't:

Notes be created WHILE still in Gmail (i.e., An overlay for typing notes, and then converting Note to a stored email; like with Chat sessions)

Any solutions? Any ideas?

In Service of THE ONENESS,
Rafiki "The Digital Doctor" Cai
Posted at 6:55pm on December 20, 2007
emily (Remember The Milk) says:
Hey Rafiki, thanks for your feedback! We'll be looking to add additional functionality like this in the future.

By the way, we don't actually have any resources in the Googleplex -- we're not part of Google :) More about Remember The Milk is available here.
Posted 11 years ago
modulo says:
being in gmail has made RTM the go to service for my tasks, nice one

here's my quick thought, when you get to this it would be fantastic if I could type in something along the lines of:

fill out medical forms d:tues 0900 p:2 t:vital n:don't forget SSN#

in either the gmail task entry panel or in the twitter app with d: p: t: n: e: l: and r: as little flags for due, priority, tag, notes, estimated, location and repeating

basically when I enter a task in a box like that I like to be able to get everything important in there in one go as I hate having to come back to a task and futz around with it, and I'm sure many of the other efficiency maniacs here would agree.

thanks again!
Posted 11 years ago
santoshonline says:
I second that. Add a location, priority etc while writing a task would be great !!! e.g. Get oil change at xxx motors medium priority. This should create a task, assign the location and the priority in one shot.

Anyway this is my first post. And I want to thank you guys very much. You guys always surprise me with the things i exactly look for.
And I will upgrade to pro as soon as I get my iphone in summer.
Posted 11 years ago
b.atallah says:
For what it is worth, I'd love to be able to at see and enter notes from gmail too (prioritized in that order).

I really like the flags suggestion from modulo as well. It would greatly expedite adding notes.

finally, a question:
Is there anyway to designate a task as 'anytime' from the add task box in gmail?

Posted 11 years ago
andyrwang says:
"Is there anyway to designate a task as 'anytime' from the add task box in gmail?"

I've found sort of a way around it.....
The default is to enter the task for today. But you can change the default to be "never" which is the same as anytime.

It's under "Settings....Tasks" (gmail menu on the top right)

The consequence is that if you now want to enter a task for today you have to add "today" at the end
"pick up the milk today"

I'm not sure if there is a tag to get anytime, but I've tried every combination I could think of and couldn't get it to work the same as "today"

Posted 11 years ago
richard.torkar says:
I'd just be very happy if they could add a notes section "inside" GMail and hence allow me to stay there when editing tasks. The rest of the features you're talking about above are nice too, but the notes thingy is killing me ;)

RTM is a great app combined with GMail, but it has the potential to be even greater! :)
Posted 11 years ago
nah.why says:
Posted 11 years ago
This idea is considered similar to "Support for notes", and all votes have been transferred to that idea.