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Support for notes

john.schauer says:

Often need to include notes and this would be really good.

Failing this, could we rather be connected to the notes page directly with RTM i.e. reduce the clicks to get there would be a great improvement.

PS: RTM is cool!

Posted at 11:49am on February 22, 2008

robert.ward Pro says:

I agree. Notes visible in Gmail would be awesome.

Posted 7 years ago

petr.horak says:

yes the same opinion

Posted 7 years ago

gjpundsack says:

Notes are a must to make this thing really work in the hands of a smart-phone user. I think its a handicap w/o it.

Posted 7 years ago

richard.torkar Pro says:

I second that!

Posted 7 years ago

nah.why Pro says:

same thing here: See Notes Within GMail (Not a Whole 'Nother Web Page)

Posted 7 years ago

gbeaudry says:


Posted 7 years ago

crshman says:

I'd like to see this feature implemented as well.

Posted 7 years ago

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