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Gantt charts

ole.clausen says:
please :-)

RTM is the most useful site at the moment

Ole Clausen
Posted at 3:36pm on December 12, 2007
ienjoyhotsoup says:
agreed. this would help me tremendously. I'd buy pro if it supported Gantt charts.
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
IMHO gantt charts are overrated for personal task management, and thats what RTM is about, isn´t it?
it´s like hunting deer with a bazooka: it works, but it doesn´t look nice :-D
Posted 12 years ago
dmd1272 says:
I agree with Dilbert166, I would not want Gaant, its not what Rtm is all about.
Posted 12 years ago
glenn.isaac says:
For me, RTM is about efficient gathering of information, and keeping up-to-date and on-track.

Gantt charts are means of organizing that information graphically. They are a standard for traditional GTD. They would very easily export to shared calendars. And I believe that they would be, without a doubt, an incredibly useful feature if supported by RTM.

Ya! Add Gantt!
Posted 12 years ago
wiseman.ryan says:
pleas add gantt! my boss always wants me to show him a gantt chart, and i would love to use RTM t make it!
Posted 12 years ago
greg.fowler says:
Gantt's would be nice as an option, as long as we aren't forced to use/see them at all times. I imagine this wouldn't be an issue, so I am all for it. +1!
Posted 12 years ago
aaronhh says:
What is a Gantt Chart? (I know; I am too lazy to look it up in a google search.) LOL
Posted 12 years ago
(closed account) says:
Although currently I myself don't need Gantt-chart functionality, a friend of mine who runs a small business told me that he was looking for a new, combined tool for both task management (like RTM) and lightweight-but-graphical Gantt charting. I believe that IF RTM had supported Gantt charts in a simple yet visually appealing form, I could have sold him on RTM. The main question in my mind is whether the core design of RTM would easily permit Gantt given that projects are usually hierarchical lists, and---correct me if I'm wrong---RTM has only flat lists. Once again, I am not begging for any new functionality here; I'm just trying to brainstorm how to make this tool that I love even better.
Posted 12 years ago
donaldjser says:
I would love a Gantt chart too :)
Posted 11 years ago
acirovic says:
Gantt would require multiday tasks to be implemented and possibly partial task completion. It would make sense then.
Posted 11 years ago
sam.kebbell says:
I'd use gantt charts too...
Posted 11 years ago
aleks.berland says:
i'd use this
Posted 11 years ago
shane.conway says:
I would definitely use this. A great way to visualize tasks.
Posted 11 years ago
elsgry says:
I concur. Does RTM support task graphs (hierarchical) as it stands?
Posted 10 years ago
mike.saha says:
Me too.. especially if it was lightweight and straightforward,
I'd be all over it!
Posted 10 years ago
sonjakirsten says:
I vote for a Gantt feature on RTM as an additional tab.
Viewpath is a great free online tool for gantt charts that I currenly employ in addition to RTM to get my visual summary of my work on hand. Only now I enter information twice, detailed into RTM, my main task tracker, and roughly into viewpath.

It should be doable to add a feature that translates all RTM task list into one Gantt Project, with the different lists showing up below each other as different gantt project lines.

RTM already collects most of the info: name, date, time needed for work. I have all tasks assigned or connected to a person with their name as tag, so the assignment typically included on Gantts could be shown by simply including all info on a task as subinfo to the name
In addition it would be good if the gantt feature would allow for a click and drag option on the timeline that automatically adjust the endtime, and to identify preceding tasks.

Currently all I am missing with RTM is a visual feature along time and a Gantt feature would deliver that.
Posted 10 years ago
noosphereious says:
Yes it'd be fun to see a chart - BUT!

First, they would need to implement dependencies amongst tasks (and perhaps subtasks) which is not a trivial addition. GTD is about being simple and lightweight so that people *actually* use the process. Gantt charts are great for PM but way to overboard for personal issues e.g. "look Mom, coming over to help you with the dog this weekend is part of my critical path so I'm cutting it out" ... bad news for Mom
Posted 10 years ago
jockmurray says:
Nah; give this suggestion a miss.
I don't think RTM should go this far; however I am a big supporter of the SubTask idea.
Gantt Charts are too graphic and if someone wants that they should go buy something that does that perfectly (no names mentioned).
There are a load of current (free) features within RTM which I think should be only available within the Pro release and SubTask's should be one of them.
Get the money coming in RTM, limit the amount of free features and charge for the time consuming features that are worth every cent.
Posted 10 years ago
thechilibuddy says:
Yes, I vote an additional tab for Gannt charting - I see many of my tasks as part of projects; they have deadlines but I'd also like to see ahead of what I can get done NEXT (before it shows up on the to-do list/calendar)...
Posted 10 years ago
samuel.meynard says:
Yes, it's would be great to add GANTT chart in RTM
Posted 10 years ago
maxmuller says:
yes! when managing tasks you need to know:
1. priority--how important is the task, how much return will it deliver, compared to others?
2. due date--by when does it need to be done?
3. locaton--where does it need to be done?

But what about when you CHOOSE to do it? This is very different from due date. With a complex task list, a Gantt chart would allow you to plan our which task you plan to do when, which allows you, to determine whether you''ll be able to do all the tasks by their due date . . . . and if you discover that you CAN't, you can then judge by priority which ones deserve your time. Absolutely essential for really getting a handle on your situation and peace of mind.
Posted 9 years ago
sonjakirsten says:
I really would like to see my tasks layed out over time so I can do long term scheduling with them - this would be a great way
Posted 9 years ago
ian_w_scott says:
I would love some kind of charting like this as an extra tab, along with sub-tasks. Right now I have to use categories or tags to organize larger projects, which is awkward. I know that RTM doesn't claim to be project planning software, but for many of us task management and project planning can't be separated neatly.
Posted 9 years ago
andi.schenk says:
also for private taks gantt is a great help.
for example you could create
# Clean car
with the subtasks
* clean windows
* vacuum


or if u want to clean the house etc
Posted 8 years ago
impunityjainne says:
Gantt charts and sub-tasks, PLEASE!
Posted 8 years ago
artsenik says:
Gantt chart will be very useful for me !!
Posted 8 years ago
mcgumbel says:
I would love it too
Posted 8 years ago
anthony.c.vaz says:
I agree, a Gantt chart view would be really useful
Posted 8 years ago
antremo says:
Yes please... its necesary
Posted 7 years ago
the_stevee says:
totally necessary
Posted 7 years ago
catada says:
I plan to use Remember the Milk to get people used to project planning as it looks less intimidating, being able to see their tasks as a time line/Gantt would be great.
Posted 7 years ago
ajacoby374 says:
The lack of a gantt chart is basically the only thing that is holding me back from bringing RTM in to the rest of my company
Posted 5 years ago
igrunevald says:
Posted 5 years ago
ocde says:
Posted 4 years ago
colinmorrison_vat115079431 says:
Not sure a fully featured Gantt chart (critical paths etc) would be useful for me, but I would love a visual overview of how long I've had each task on my list for.
Posted 4 years ago
ghopt says:
Basic Gantt would be great for project management and reports. Important to be able to collaborate with others besides sharing tasks!
Posted 3 years ago
tuitautai says:
Integrating a basic Gantt component to RTM would be great. It would allow a bigger picture assessment of tasks. All ingredients (tasks, due dates, etc) are there already - why not?
Posted 1 year ago
o_ says:
how many times has the gantt chart been snoozed on the RTM RTM?

some people are visual...
Posted 1 year ago
raffapetter says:
Let's keep asking the gantt, RTM cannot ignore us forever :)
Posted 11 months ago
eortunom says:
Yes I would love a Gantt chart!
Posted 9 months ago
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