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Improve subtasks+lists and smart lists: better options for when subtasks are displayed

dgoldstein says:
Subtasks are great, but using them with lists and smart lists isn't. Today, subtasks only show up in a list or smart list when their parent task isn't there. Which is a sensible default, but not always what I desire and I suspect other uses may feel the same way: I sometimes would like a view where I see everything I have to do, in which case seeing the subtasks is crucial to getting that flat view.

So lists and smart lists should have a new option about their subtask behavior. It should have the following options
* always display subtasks
* (current default) include matched subtasks whose parent task isn't matched, which could perhaps be called "summarize"
* never display subtasks
Posted at 2:51am on January 1, 2024
dgoldstein says:
... just noticed is basically the same problem, without as much suggestion about how the solution could be structure.
Posted 5 months ago
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