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Repeating Tasks to also update the Start Date

jamesr404 says:
I would like repeating tasks to also move the Start Date besides the Due Date when I complete such a repeating task. This way I could for example have a repeating task with a start date of "1 week ago" and a repeat pattern of "after 2 weeks", and when I complete the task, the next task would have a start date of "2 weeks from now" instead of still being one week ago.

This would make it easier to see when I need to start working on a repeating task, as the task wouldn't show up prematurely in my smart lists.

Please? :-)
Posted at 7:55am on December 29, 2022
(closed account) says:
Hi James. I think that's how it already works. I just created a task "Test", gave it a start date of Dec 22 and a due date of today (Dec 29). I gave it a repeat pattern of after 2 weeks and then completed it.
It now gives a start date of Jan 5 and a due date of Jan 12. Isn't that the behavior you're asking for?

Or am I misunderstanding your request?

One other thought: The repeating pattern is for the due date. So, a repeat pattern of after 2 weeks will set the new due date to 2 weeks after completion, and in this case, since the start date is 1 week behind the due date, the start date is 1 week from today (one week before the due date). Does that make sense?
Posted 1 year ago
jamesr404 says:
Hi Geojono, thanks! That does actually help.

If the difference between the start date and the due date is larger than the "repeat after" pattern, then because the new task will be "due" following the repeat after pattern, I will immediately see the new task, because the start date is already there.

I should just set the start date further in the future once, and it'll be okay, or choose a greater repeat after pattern.

Thanks Geojono. Now that you've pointed it out I wonder why I didn't notice this before :D
Posted 1 year ago
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